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dream -- ends with arrow; OW!

I had a dream and don't even feel like writing it down. That happens more often than you'd gather, since I don't tend to mention it. But... I really didn't want to bother writing this down. That's after sitting around for three hours in bed, drifting in and out of consciousness, holding on to it so I could write it down but not wanting to get up. Of course, I only held on to the bits that I thought to remind myself over and over, and there's subsequently a large gap in the middle where I thought stuff simply made enough sense to follow from the previous. Apparently not.

I recently got an illustrated primer on dreams and a bunch of other interesting books (annotated flatland, flatterland, illustrated a brief history of time, other random stuff). Eager to get to the dream book.


I'm walking home late at night with (my sister?). We're playing around and slowly along the road we approach a small mansion, adandoned but well kempt. It's surrounded by very nice chain link fence, but nothing complicated. We hop over and play around on a nifty little tree-type structure that goes up and up. After a bit we get tired of such and try to find a way down. The rest of the structure is a bit inaccessible but after testing the waters (so to speak) we realize that despite how far down it looks, if we swing down it's only a short drop. On my drop I tumble and roll and of the sudden realize I'm missing my camera.

At the same instant five or six camera flashes go off from various parts of the yard and my heart beat increases. I scramble around trying to get my stuff (backpack, camera, make sure I'm not forgetting anything else...). The first camera I find isn't mine and I drop it, but as I drop it it shoots a picture of me and within two seconds all the other cameras have gone off again. I do manage to find mine and then we run off, but we go the wrong direction somehow and wind up IN the little mansion.

I'm running around looking for a way out when I start noticing treasure chests here and there of various sizes but all the same shape, sticking out from the background of the house's furniture. I start opening them, curious, and they're for the most part empty or have one or two gold coins in them (which I take), but one of them causes the house to start filling with water. As the water's up to my chest I bust a window open and swim/jump out.

::big gap::

I wander into a store to take my mind away from the weirdness of what had just happened (and possibly to spend those gold coins I found). On a shelf is a very strange holographic animation of "the latest lord of the rings commercial"; it's hilariously campy and I start watching it. Slowly one of the wings of the shop dissolves into a setting like the picture, green rolling hills with the elves and whatnot joshing around.

Suddenly they're about to shoot a new commercial. We all line up (they need all the extras they can get) and the elves start shooting at us. Not really thinking about it, I fall dramatically with one of the arrows coming towards me. Then I lie there for five to ten minutes as my arm goes numb with pain and then my chest slowly begins to throb. (arrow went in my left arm rotated between the bicep and tricep, just below the ball of the shoulder... and it feels like it went straight through and ripped some flesh in my chest though not puncturing deep into the chest). It's really starting to hurt.

Finally, the commercial is over and I go up to the director (of the commercial, NOT Peter Jackson) and tell him that the arrow wound is really hurting. He scoffs at me, and I say, "yeah, yeah. I know all you australians are tough SOBs. But I'd really rather this arrow out of me." So he holds me still perpendicular to his pull and YANKS the arrow straight from me. Apparently just a wooden shaft, no tip; the pain quickly goes away and the wound closes up. I'm holding the arrow and turning around when...

I wake up.

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