quasi random (kaolinfire) wrote,
quasi random

poemranker gets TRAFFIC!

I just got a mini slashdot. MetaFilter directed 1500 hits to my site as of noon. running statistics again now just to see how it's going. LOTS of new users, lots of voting, lots of :cough: "You suck!"ing.

I hope it weathers well. Hopefully out of the noise/stream a generation of folks will come to use it (well)?

I figured I'd start keeping track of "publicity" as it were... at least, sites/articles that generate a lot of traffic for me.

I should probably STALL my adwords on google. that could be ouchy.

Traffic has dropped off steadily -- down to almost normal, now. Will see how it goes. 2000 hits as of 6:44pm. :) I usually get closer to 200 a day.

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