quasi random (kaolinfire) wrote,
quasi random

the computer's fine, really...

thanks for the wellwishing. :) recompiling the kernel AND/OR upgrading the OS got it to see all the memory without any extra tweaking. And today I just sloshed in another 512 megs -- that should keep it happy. If only the UATA cable was happier -- it's supposed to do ATA100, but ... no ... dunno why. I'm using a shielded 80 pin cable and all that goodness...

And as for accidentally getting 4.6RC1, at least it *is* a release candidate instead of just any-old current. it was good timing for that sort of mistake. the system continues to seem fine, and should remain so if I don't poke it.

Today I also got a burner. I can make backups! YAY!

last night I was supposed to hook up with someone at a bar. they didn't show because it was too cold (and they didn't let me know because they don't have a computer at home. can you believe that???)

but the drink was strong (nasty-tasting long island, but enough to get me dancing for an hour to some halfway-okay beats). and stuff. and I lit someone's one-shot pipe with some toothpicks from the bar, which made his (and my) day. :)

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