quasi random (kaolinfire) wrote,
quasi random

computer optimism...

oh man oh man oh man.

I so screwed things up, potentially. But it's been a long day. And it will be an even longer day, if I really did.

It all started, erm... did it? Yeah. It all started with the fun of trying to figure out what sort of memory was in my server, because I wanted to upgrade. And while I was at it, I was running FreeBSD 4.4 and wanted to upgrade to 4.5. 4.4 was several months old.

First, memory -- top says I'm running 128 megs. no clue what sort. so I pop open the case, and go, yeah, there's the memory. I've got 2/3 slots open, and one filled with... something... can't quite make out the sticker. So I pop off the other side... no, still can't see it. so I try to pop off the top (no luck). I wind up removing the power supply from the case (mind you, the computer is STILL ON) in order to read the dimm. it says it's 256 megs, PC133. !?

Well, while I'm in there I finally hook up the hard drive light properly...

So a kernel config and a reboot are both in order, as well as an upgrade of the system.

I haven't done a system upgrade in a while, very out of practice. So I read up on a couple of sites (including the freebsd handbook) and while somewhat confused, go ahead.

I sync the system sources, and start the build... at which point the machine I'm using to talk to the server loses its connection. Thankfully I've got the hard drive light to somewhat help tell me when the make is done (given that it doesn't always show up in top or ps in a clear-to-see fashion).

and then I fiddle around with this and that, and get the kernel built, installed... and trying to install world... well, some minor issues. I overcome them. Yay!

And then... "mergemaster". is supposed to make life easier. I misunderstood what it was supposed to do and almost lost all my system configuration. luckily I thought to back up /etc just after a few short files were obliterated (and they were default files, so it's relatively okay)

but I'm not going to worry about mergemaster for a while.

or anything else that I'm supposed to work about.

system rebooted and it looks fine, for now.

oh, and I accidentally got 4.6 release candidate 1 instead of 4.5 STABLE.


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