quasi random (kaolinfire) wrote,
quasi random

and now for a bit of mundanity.

Out of the procrastinative blueness, a night's entertainment formed. Music. Movies. Movie music. Music Movies.

James and Brandon came over and we watched _The Yellow Submarine_ and _Tommy_. I'd seen TYS just a few years ago when it was rereleased in theatres, but the DVD had a couple sequences I didn't remember/recognize. Which was cool. We had some troubles getting the sound equalized properly (umm, we didn't get it equalized properly... didn't really futz with it until after the movie was over, and it's kinda hard to tell when they're just playing around with the audio and when it's supposed to sound like that...), having something to do with the lack of a Dolby 5.1 audio system.

Tommy was also cool -- I'd seen it once, about four or five years ago, when REALLY tired. I totally didn't remember the first five to ten minutes (which is odd -- they set the story, and I knew the story... though maybe I only understood the beginning last time because it was explained to me or something... circumstances are such that it would have been odd that I'd missed the first however much, but who knows... it was a long time ago).

We also got _The Wall_, but it was a bit late at that point. So maybe we'll watch it tonight. :shrug: I'm still feeling amazingly unmotivated. :)

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