quasi random (kaolinfire) wrote,
quasi random

it's just not FAIR!

I'd have to say that life in general is a pretty despicable policy.

I suppose that's why folks band together and make governments; individuals
compete, and "like-minded" individuals try to get safety in numbers. However,
a population varies as times vary and as new members are born and old members
die, so rules are made to deal with the folks who weren't the original folks.
And then (to some extent) things within a system are "fair".

But then those systems are "individuals" competing for resources against other
systems. Which is why the UN wants to be Father Knows Best, gathering in
all those individuals. But these are individuals that don't want to deal with
eachother to begin with; they just don't want a spanking.

I don't see how anything done historically is "fair", but ... it's been done.
And I don't see reparations making any sense.

So what's the "statute of limitations" on property theft when the property is
another government's land?

And do peoples without a "recognized" government (i.e. lower-class citizens on the global scale) have any rights? or are they just bacteria without a higher consciousness to be dealt with in any way the "evolved" folks see fit?

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