quasi random (kaolinfire) wrote,
quasi random

I sound like a robot and smell like gasoline

What did I learn tonight?


    rem setsrcip addr [WAN IP] [WAN NETMASK] internet
    rem addiproute 1 internet
    rem setiptranslate off internet
    rem setipoptions multicast on internet
    rem setipoptions rxrip on internet
    eth ipoptions rxrip on
    eth ipenable
    eth ipfirewall off
    eth ip addr [LAN IP] [LAN NETMASK]
    dhcp disable all
    save all

good to know, right?

tentacle and all its associated hosts and alethe and all its associated hosts were down for four hours tonight. this has nothing to do with the *planned* outage night after tomorrow of "four" hours.

a powercycle of the router brought it to its last and final gasping toehold on sanity. slugchewer is temporarily donating his spiffy-o router (bringing his household's dsl to ITS knees) until I can scalp a new one off of ebay. watching an auction end at 7pm tonight. #^%&#^$@#^#%. Arizona -- one day priority shipping, probably take two or three. That's some kind of hell with other folks' responsibilities.

and just to say, it was REALLY inopportune timing. I was planning on going to bed, and had essentially shut off all thought just before doing the power cycle. Then.... time up... going over to said friend's house to get a first try at a replacement router, which wound up being a bridge (which worked with my line but I didn't have a spare computer to route, so it didn't...)... but on the way I stopped and got gas because I was on reserve and was afraid I'd hit empty (because that's how the night was going, already)... and when I was pumping, I slipped and got gas all over the tank and my clothes and the seat. wiped it up as best I could with one of those free auto trader adverts -- the place didn't have any wipes/squeegees.



bleh. I think it is time to go to sleep and try for a couple hours to ignore all this and then deal with life anew in the morning.

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