quasi random (kaolinfire) wrote,
quasi random

fears and anxieties and needs

I dreamed I was taking classes at Berkeley again. I was taking some math course with James and I was taking a ceramics course through some reverse extension program at my old middle school. (which was somehow in berkeley of the sudden)

amy, james, and my folks all went for a ride out to some schoolbuilding (that doesn't really exist) down near the tracks and highway near Ashby (far west berkeley). we parked, a bit before school would start, climbed up some pretty freaky stairs, and just wandered around for awhile... milling about within noone else about.

then it started getting about time to deal with stuff, go to class, yadda. Class was up at berkeley, of course (no clue what this school was doing there), so we head dow... the stairs are even weirder now... climbing up they were just freaky rickety, and there was a sign saying something to the effect of "This tower drops several stories straight down, as the british learned in 1776." -- that was odd but I didn't have time to ponder it. Did make me look down and shudder a bit, but I wasn't really worried about the thing collapsing. But on the way back down, there as a ten foot drop at the end of the stairs, where you had to hop down and then go back out UNDER the stairs. no clue how we "got up there" to start with... maybe the stairs moved, maybe we took a completely different way.

walking out, we walked past a "first day of school" sort of thing happening in the auditorium. the place was not too terribly packed with relatively quiet elementary school students.

in the parking lot we all hopped on/in our respective vehicles. amy honked goodbye as she drove out, and it started to rain. then it started to pour. my bike was revved and ready to go and I was just struggling with getting my glasses back on with my helmet on when I realized I needed to wake up.

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