quasi random (kaolinfire) wrote,
quasi random

still awake?

What are you doing up? It's 5:10 in the morning. You did some good coding (well, kinda; something interesting, though it was in perl -- perl is so fraggin' weird. I've never gotten the hang of it though I can hack stuff out in it.... la la la)

Made an interesting instant messenger list server for icq, with the wonderful Net::ICQ library. Just picked up the Net::AIM library and am contemplating... sleep. It would probably take another four or five hours to make the instant messenger list server for AIM... and then another two or so to integrate them properly....

integrating would probably take a rewrite of them both, just to make it clean. so maybe another five hours total. I don't have that sort of time for side projects, really ... I mean, I do if I want but I should be working on something that is a far more serious project for the next few weeks. I won't exist much for the next few weeks, probably, but if I come out triumphant (we come out triumphant) ... I will be ecstatic. Hopefully not just drained.

La la la.

Too many ideas -- I keep thinking I should somehow train all the homeless to be whiz programmers so that they can do all my ideas, and I can go back to school.

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