quasi random (kaolinfire) wrote,
quasi random

time to sleep.

or not. I find I'm in no mood to sleep whatsoever. fucking coffee at 10pm. umm. right. I'm sure you *are* asleep like somewhat sane individuals (unless you're in a different part of the country/world). I'm just getting hungry. I made poemranker a little slower (but now it works properly in several other situations that hadn't really mattered TOO much) and. umm. yeah. also backed up a couple other websites and set up cronjobs all around (for the most part). Whee!

fixed some serious errors with poemranker, too. and then patched the lost data (poems would disappear when you edited them) by hand from an old backup. oops? Definitely getting it more stable bit by bit. also added little tweaks of functionality i nthe "your poem" list and the "users" list.

and I am officially (*cough*) not allowed to change my middle name to "internet". I agree. :)

maybe I could just change it to "I". that would be kinda nifty.

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