quasi random (kaolinfire) wrote,
quasi random


I seriously tightened "no fucking genre"'s website look & feel. of course, the engine is still the bubble gum and dental floss with pine cones, but... it's solid for all that, really. just overly complicated.

but it *looks* a lot better.

I didn't give them any warning. spent almost two hours on it. I hope they notice. I hope they like it. What I really hope is to wake up tomorrow to some email recognition. I dislike the need in myself for recognition from others, but... I do know how to cater to it from time to time. Bleah.

What I *really* should be doing is working on corev2, a much more solid piece of work. I keep stumbling on "the best/proper/coolest/most extensible" ways to do things. I think I'm doing pretty well with it, all things considered. Hopefully only one or two more *conceptual* hurdles and my mental blocks against writing it will hopefully be taken care of.

I made jello today. Yum. ;)

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