quasi random (kaolinfire) wrote,
quasi random

dull, dry...

I need a feeling of accomplishment.

the morning sucked (regarding an ad in a paper that hotmail sorta screwed up, situationally... bad communication, bad timing, and... stuff)

I spent a bit of work on that and was really proud of what I did, but it went unused.

Last night I struggled with coming up with/researching explanations of poetry types for my "what sort of poem are you?" -- it's not coming along all that well. I suppose I should inflict it on the world and simply see how it works. Still need to define/explain another half. I spent at least four painstaking hours writing up miniature reports that I later chopped down to two short paragraphs apiece.

And I tried to help amy with a program/project of hers and wasn't able to do anything besides obfuscate the problems it was having. That was really frustrating.


And I didn't do any work for work, I struggled with NFG adding little things here and there, did my best to keep our poetry editor without alienating anyone (but I was a bit more outspoken in points than I should have been, I think... just a frustrating day for some reason)

caffeine withdrawal?

going to do laundry and caffeine shortly.

is that all I've done? oh, and I cleaned -- picked up my messof papers in the living room, vaccumed, sweapt everything... reaction wasn't nearly as violent as it usually is. maybe I shouldn't have bothered. Do I have to do everything for reaction? no... but it helps when I'm without any other sort of direction.

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