quasi random (kaolinfire) wrote,
quasi random

I was going to make a poem

but figured the thoughtclips were better saved in some less pleasing manner than lost until the time they were next thoughted.

the multivariable calculus of mental momentum; a ski slope; climbing to the top is all sorts of metaphors easiliy drilled into, but less interesting than the trip down.

from the top (from the start of the trail that you've set yourself) you see a goal. it's a twisty turvy crazy sort of ride that almost guarantees you several bruises and some sore muscles. But that's the only way to the goal that you see -- you look around and there all sorts of easier trails and ... just to test your momentum you try on. :whee: that was FUN! but now you have to climb back up to where you were and try the real trail. Do you really want to? There's another hop... a LONG LONG slide... my, the time is flying by as the mountain does and ... oh my, you're nearly to the bottom. You have to climb back up, now, climb up to the start of the trail and try the way to the goal. again.

Damn it sucks.

another day almost wasted.

motivation number nine, gotta gobble mocha 5... maybe coffee would be good. I think I've been doing it too much lately (on average, every few days...)

gotta gotta get up on it, gotta get up on it (soul coughing, el oso... I need to put music back on, that helps, then stare at my todo list some more)

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