quasi random (kaolinfire) wrote,
quasi random

week week week

Where did it go? I don't remember. I suppose it's only tuesday, but I think the one I'm missing was last week, so... yeah.

I programmed a lot, and that was good; I think that was more near the beginning of the week though, so I"m still missing something.

Work is ramping up to be an exhilirating insanity for the next two weeks -- we'll see if I (we) can pull it off.

Other than that...

Life is good, I suppose, for me. I gave my cats baths for the first time in forever, and one of them is obstinately trying to go to sleep, damp, in my lap -- while I'm holding the keyboard on my knees and typing around her. La la la.

She's very cute when she's not obnoxious.

Came up with a couple more project ideas, may complete one of them tonight just to feel better about myself and then back to the work thingy. Also got some canvas to paint on, so maybe I'll chill out and do some of that at some point.

Maybe maybe maybe.

Thinking about friends leaving and history -- old old friends arriving. Strange juxtapositions of slices of life. We'll see what happens. Ish.

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