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Spent a whirlwind week in Berlin with Amy and Fenris. Amy was presenting a poster at the Cog Sci conference.

Things I've learned about berlin:

  • largest city I've seen that's so pro-bicycle; so many cyclists, so many bike rentals, so many bikes locked up everywhere

  • omg cobblestones everywhere! not the major streets, but definitely the minor ones, and sidewalks, and...

  • brick, brick, brick - all sorts of brick buildings, and so many variations on types and sizes and arrangements and textures and ....

  • so many huge, old buildings; so many grand buildings with statues atop them; statues with lightning rods embedded, I think...?

  • lots of awesome new buildings as well

  • smokers. wow. haven't been around this many smokers since LARPing.

  • bidets!? maybe that was just our hotel.

  • many folks did not want to leave East Germany-due in part to their friends and family being there

  • East Germany dispatriated a large number of its populace, in many cases as opposed to jailing them

There was probably a lot more that I learned in various ways. I think the above list was mostly put together the first two days we were there, and then it all got away from me....  
Tags: berlin, travel, vacation

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