quasi random (kaolinfire) wrote,
quasi random

who wants to write this?

"A wakeup call for budding sociopaths" or "bitter red pills for the resistant"—

Okay, start here if you haven't: RT @evilrooster: Theory: PUA/Game is not seduction. It's victim selection: filter for women whose boundaries you can violate.

Now, hear me out...or tell me this exists...or something. Kickstarter? ;)

I think a book deconstructing "the game" from the above angle would be +++!

I'm imagining something along the lines of..."a wakeup call for budding sociopaths". Crossed with a crib sheet of "bitter red pills for the resistant". Basically going through it, and saying, "look, people do this, and this is why it's fucked up; this is what it means you're saying, even if you're otherwise privileged enough to not know it; or if you've only gotten a hint that you're saying that, but think you can pretend you're not...no, really, you are—you're saying that and you're thinking that, even if you haven't admitted it to yourself."

Admittedly, the research involved would be soul-crushing/rage-inducing/...and probably beyond me [and rape and death threats that would be directed towards anyone on such a project]. I don't know if anyone in the world has enough spoons—but together?
Tags: activism, misogyny, writing

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