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Stay-at-home whatness


How do you do it?! Now that I'm going back to work, Amy Fire doesn't get a break! I mean, even with me doing breakfast, lunch, dinner, assorted snacks and cleaning and bathing, and trying to pitch in around feeding, she doesn't get a breather.

It was insane for the two of us doing it the first two weeks, with me doing all the diaper changes and swaddling and crooning and bouncing, and now she has to pick up my slack.

Is the answer just to "power through" the next few weeks, and then the next couple months?



Mar. 15th, 2013 02:23 pm (UTC)
Coffee, crying, help from friends/family if any are brave enough. More crying. Some bickering. Lots of venting. More crying. Anger. Melaise. But there are moments when all of that is worth it. Those firsts are big ones. From my experience, you can't do anything from work other than take her phone calls, be pretty bullet proof to her frustration, oaths, threats, and more crying. But it helps to get home, and take over. I tag my wife out the minute I cross the threshold. Sure I deal with schmucks at work all day, but a baby is a whole other kind of schmuck. I get home and cook dinner, I mop the floor, change the baby, run a couple loads of clothes. It's a different time from the generation before. I don't need a pot roast hot and ready waiting for me at the table. I'm a dad. It's my job to work at home too. And if she wants to black out on the couch watching TMZ, I can't say boo, because being a stay at home mom is the hardest job anyone can ever have. My wife has been doing it for nearly 12 years now, three kids, and I know I wouldn't last a week if it was just me.

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