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a day in the life of lives...

I know this isn't Facebook, so I shouldn't post a link and run. So, umm. The link: Michael Lewis profiles Barack Obama.

It's a day-in-the-life, but many days woven together in a just-so-complex manner. It's interesting to me as a piece of how Obama ostensibly thinks (never can trust what gets written on the internet these days, and can't trust a politician, and so on....). As well as what day-to-day life as President of the United States of America involves. Extra-interesting points for the nods to speech-writers and what they "can" and "can't" do; the profile leaves a lot of detail out, but one can taste a certain...richness of information, implicit.

Also kind of cool: the depiction of the "war room" with regards to Libya (which I'm visualizing somewhat in the context of Thirteen Days.


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