quasi random (kaolinfire) wrote,
quasi random

today, I slept.

today, I slept. yesterday, I slept. Well, yesterday I slept and read and bleach my hair (a little, trying to get a gradation between roots and not roots and just make a little more variation all around)... I'm really into the Dune series at the moment. Man, mindfuck after mindfuck!

But I haven't gotten much of anything done.

And with all that getting nothing done, I've still been too stressed (or busy?) to write in my journal. I answered a fair amount of old email yesterday, I suppose. And I kinda checked a few things off of a todo list today -- mostly "start doing this", and I started, a little... or ... made a little headway into getting something done. Definitely not enough to feel any sort of good about. About to delve into a couple other things and see if I can get any sort of sense of accomplishment out of this week.

I think I really have convinced myself to get a more reliable motorcycle, at least... just need to drop a little more money into the currently nonrunning one in a last-ditch effort to expiate my guilt at not having the time or energy to take it apart piece by piece and put it back together and get it running. last two tries: quadrumillionth recheck of fuse box. and a new battery.

Okay, I really have been sleeping too much. But I'm *SICK* still. It's been two weeks!? So... the sleeping is good. I'm letting myself do it. And I think it's doing some good. But damn... really cuts out a chunk of the day.

Went down to the vw bug today to verify it was still there. Got a ride from Amy and corralled donovan to come along (so he could empty out his stuff)... I was prepared (but not prepared enough) to have it towed and junked. My cellphone died while on hold and... we can't find the pinkslip. maybe it's in the glovebox (I thought it was just in the "important papers" pile which we grabbed... need to go back down there)

need to get a working vehicle so I can do all these things more easily. hour and a half walks here and there really cut time out of the day as well...

stopped by compusa on the way home (5 minutes out of the way, maybe... really was on the way home, walking). I need a new color cartridge because it refuses to print, even in black and white, with an empty color cartridge. *#&^$*#&$^. But they didn't have any cartridges for an Epson Stylus Color 660, so far as I could tell (and I was kinda worried I couldn't remember the right number.. but here I am at home staring at the blinking lights and sure enough I had the numbers right... I should order online... cheaper... [long pause. Okay, just ordered online from a company probably 20 minutes drive from me. but I spent $23 overall on what would have cost me $80 at compusa. not too bad. I could have gone cheaper still, but... whatever)

And again, mozilla starts to get really slow with large text areas filled in. that's annoying as fuck.

where was I? [took about 5 minutes to order... lost train of thought]

oh. walked home. yadda. donovan couldn't find the pink slip at his place, though he'll try again when he has more time (I soaked up all his time just before his long trek to work).

I need a new bike. And I need to close out all old obligations. They suck. A fellow by the name of John has a centerstand I bought from him. I just need to pick it up. I need to deal with a "court date" regarding the bike that was stolen. And I should have filled out papers claiming money for damages. but i have no CLUE! At the least I should find the towing fees and ask for that... not that I have a receipt for all of them, but. fuck it. fuck fuck fuck. FUCK! that's what it feels like. lovely?

I should have written Kender a letter by now. Soon? soon... soon... he's out in Afghanistan. Craziness.

Oh, so my current insurance combined with my drivers license fuckups mean that I can only drive vehicles registered to me. (and insured to me, obviously). I called about "upgrading" my insurance. No go -- the insurance company I have will only insure me for specific vehicles. Do I switch? Does it matter that much? It would make Amy much happier if I could share driving duties with her on long trips... and she has a car... I probably should. How expensive? I don't know. Probably very.

And I owe roughly $1000 in taxes, but I haven't yet filled out forms to deal with that. Lovely. I really don't want to.

I think I'm going to put off paying off my student loans another month. It's kinda like a tax-free loan money stuff... so I *shouldn't* be paying it off so quickly. Just doing so because that makes me feel good. But I could go another 8 years without paying another cent. Weird, no?

I think I'll end this here. Ranting is letting off steam, losing, losing focus, need to DO something, which is why I started ranting in the first place. WIll touch of poemranker so that it's production quality (shouldn't be more than an hour or two), and then maybe I'll work on writing brandon's ruleslawyer game. need to fill out personal evaluation for work (does it LOOK like I'm working!? I hope so, to them... shit...) and stuff and stuff and stuff. Okay, just stressed myself out again in this little bit. Good? *#&^$*#&$. :)

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