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Hmm, so.

Hmm, so. If I were to travel back to LiveJournal to journal and live and stuff, a bit. Who would I be reading? Seems most folks I followed are gone (the quiet gone of tumbleweeds, not the gone-gone of deletion, though there's some of that as well). Some folks I follow are not. (Hello!) Though in some cases I hardly know you, outside of—you were a writerperson I did writer-ish things with, online, on LiveJournal, in some way; and I've got no clue what's going on with you, have lost the story of your life.

And then there's folks who seem to "re-blog" to LiveJournal, and interact with comments there. And I'm interested in that, too, but I think I'm looking for conversations, both ways (and I know how presumptive that is of me, not having been here for years upon years). I sift through the twit-stream with a handful of accounts, sniping comments and opinions and thoughts; occasionally post longer things to facebook (well, longer than tweets). Rarely something to Google+ to see whether I'll get different responses there than facebook. Facebook and Twitter are where I get my news; Twitter is where I get my interactions with writers, for the most part. One of my favorite publications was sparked there; and some of my favorite writing (including co-writing).

I did post a life update a little bit back. Not much beyond that (maybe I should look into posting a before-and-after-yard-work thing). Down in Los Angeles this week, doing yard work (yard clearance), and a few other work-ish things while "on vacation" with Amy for her birthday-week-of-fun. The ice cream cakes (yes, multiple) have been delightful. =) Might be getting another one tomorrow to round it out. ;)


Aug. 31st, 2012 06:26 pm (UTC)
Re: eenie, meenie, miney....
:heh: LiveJournal is one of the oldest (not sure if it predates myspace—yep, 1999 versus 2003! Facebook 2004. Twitter 2006!?)

Its take is more "journal"-oriented. You're more expected to keep up with your friends, scroll back to catch up on their posts, etc. Your friends aren't supposed to post so much (maybe a few updates a day when there's a lot going on). Posts are generally longer (a few paragraphs, or more). You can embed images, or fancier formatting as you like. I suppose it's more a contemporary of wordpress (2003), when you come down to it; you blog (about your life or whatever), but the concept of a "blogroll" and "friends" are more built in. It's got google-circles type posting (you can filter posts by group-of-friends, either posting to or reading).

Of course, these days you can crosspost from livejournal to facebook or twitter. ;)

There've been projects to bundle posts-by-year (for a given account) as physical books, if that gives you a feel for the idea. :)

Mind you, that's all my opinion mixed with some idea of best-practices, not necessarily any individual's experience of LJ. ;)

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Sep. 1st, 2012 06:40 pm (UTC)
/rolls by
Sep. 3rd, 2012 09:11 pm (UTC)
Re: *tumbleweed*
*pew pew pew*

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