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So I ported it to flash this weekend...I thought that would be a smart marketing move: maybe make a little cash on the side, and use it to push folks to the iOS app. Survey says...wasted time. Mostly. Maybe.

My games have been doing much better on Newgrounds than on Kongregate lately. Limited data samples, of course, but for instance on Kongregate, TumbleDots has an average of 2.64 with 175 gameplays and one comment. On Newgrounds, 1933 "views" and an average of 3.3 [with 220 votes]. And two pages of generally positive and/or constructive comments. Add in FlashGameDistribution (and Mochi), and that's another 1000 views.

Just one day, but that's one of maybe five days that my flash games tend to get these days, unless I'm cribbing from xkcd (Hell, Heaven, ....).

My plan to turn these views into downloads of TumbleDots on iOS is a fizzle at best, at the moment. 3 downloads yesterday, and I feel safe saying none of those came from my flash blitzkrieg (admittedly, 3000 views is not a blitzkrieg). Le sigh....

So now I'm seeing how hard it is to wrap the flash app up and call it "android". Because you can do that.

  1. Download the Android SDK

  2. unzip it, and run tools/android (note: you can also run tools/android update sdk --no-ui; install what it suggests, for now. I have no idea where this is going.

  3. ignore possible errors like Stopping ADB server failed (code -1). cry a little inside. I have no idea if I'm going to have to download each and every SDK in order to support older Android platforms....

  4. Continue with the standard Installing the SDK guide. Though I'm going to see if I can skip "Installing the Eclipse Plugin". Fingers crossed. :)

  5. And then followup with "Creating your first AIR application for Android with the Flex SDK"....

  6. I'm still back on step 2...waiting.

  7. Still waiting....

  8. Still waiting. Note this information on optimizing for different devices and displays.

  9. Consider using the cocos2d android conversion instead...but you'd have to install all the android SDK stuff anyway. Keep waiting.

Okay, this is silly. Sorry. I thought I'd keep notes here, but things are not progressing quickly enough for that. La la la la la!

But while I'm waiting, I should set up my certificates, and note to myself that I'm cribbing from publishing apk with air captive runtime, even if it does use the flash IDE and I'm using...commandline...fun! Fingers crossed some more.
Tags: air, android, flash, ios, tumbledots

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