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‎"Text Detective finds and reads text in printed documents within seconds using your iPhone’s camera. The detected text can easily be read, edited, copied and pasted into documents, emails or other apps. It even stores all the scanned text in a history, which allows you to refer to it later. Every step is accessible."

This has been a big part of my life for the last nine months—not that I've been working on this one app that whole time, but what I worked on culminated in this app (well, and the next one I'm working on, and whatever comes after that....). Dayjob stuff. :)

Before coming to this, I was very familiar with the concept of accessibility from the web world, and fairly clue-ful with how to deal with such things (though I'd never actually used a screenreader). I didn't have that clue when it came to iOS accessibility, and it really is a different beast (you can't rely on content so much, because the app isn't content, it's...tool).

Of course, the app isn't 100% what we want it to be; mostly, it's not as fast as we want it to be, and the OCR engine we're using can have sketchy results in the "please finish processing before I die" mode, but we're working on it (and more novel entry-points to the text reading, assistance orienting and that sort of stuff), and the next gen phones will give us more power, of course. ;)

obligatory TextDetective iTunes link

no response yet from boostlikes, re: earlier post...
Tags: blindsight, ios, textdetective

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