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Buying "likes"

My head is all up in advertising, right now; get-rich-quick type things. I'm a sucker for "sign this form and you might win an iPad". (Note: I have actually won stuff, including a brand-new-at-the-time iPhone 3GS—that was a twitter RT contest. And I only get a usual amount of spam. ;) ) I do avoid the "sign up with our partners" stuff and the "you may already have won" stuff. And I tend not to do things that require RTs or posts or things like that these days unless I'm actually already a fan of the product/whatever.

But when I'm trying to promote something, when I think it just needs "a little more eyeballs" (like my iOS game TumbleDots, or by proxy, its Facebook fanpage, or...I don't even know what. I can get a little...graspy.

And clicky. And so I wind up looking at things—not seriously, mind you, or so I tell myself—like Boostlikes. They promise 500 likes for your Facebook fanpage for "just $27." TumbleDots' fanpage has 41 likes after a couple weeks of harassing friends (29 of those likes are from Facebook friends). I've spent close to $50 on Facebook advertising to help drive those (though $35-and-counting of that is a $50 voucher I got from Facebook after starting my campaign, and I expect to pull the plug once the voucher is spent). I've bought a few weird things through Fiverr.com. I'm in "sucker" mode.

Boostlikes say they'll give a demo with 100 free likes for doing a post about them. I'm hoping they consider this a post about them. :) Because I'm a sucker, but like a sucker, I'm ever-hopeful.
Tags: advertising, facebook, tumbledots

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