quasi random (kaolinfire) wrote,
quasi random

the day's almost over... no it's not...

the worst thing is I started out this morning with a nice thing of coffee which did absolutely no good... but the coffee I had at 10pm last night hasn't really left my system. so I'm still a little wired, but in that "10pm last night" sort of way.

I kinda wanted to be up all night, but then... figured... it would be easier if I slept. but then... I'm not sure it was.

writing up a letter of all my stresses regarding NFG. la la la. fun fun fun. great to itemize stuff, no? I really should be cleaning (that's what my gut is telling me at least... clean clean clean, make papers, pile papers, and figure out what... eneds to be done... needs to eb dealt with... so much.... so.... so much....)

and mozilla (0.99) doesn't handle large input bnoxes well (at least on windows)... it gets... r... e... a... ll.... y.... slow............... as in 1 cps or so. BLEAH. MORNING! and it's already 10:35....

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