quasi random (kaolinfire) wrote,
quasi random

a breakthrough in understanding

FINALLY know how to generate assets for flash properly. Or at least one clean sort of properly. Size of artboard doesn't matter. It's all where your asset is compared to the artboard. select-all (apple-a or ctrl-a). Notice the little 9 dots in the toolbar. Select the middle if it's not. Then type 0 in for X and 0 in for Y. Your asset will have its registration properly in the center!

Two caveats:
1) any items that are completely off the artboard won't actually be rendered (might not be in the svg/fxg, didn't check). Simple solution: group it all together.
2) the "height" value of your object in flash will no longer be correct. it'll report half its height (and half its width) because the height and width of the asset "outside" of the artboard (or "viewport" in the svg/fxg) isn't counted. So be sure to compensate.

The other option being to register your object top left at 0,0... but that gets annoying in code, imo.

Would love to hear other suggestions, now that I finally had this breakthrough. ;)
Tags: as3, flash games, fxg, illustrator, svg

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