quasi random (kaolinfire) wrote,
quasi random

today I...

today I... (repetitions deleted; ablutions/cleansing ignored)

* followed up on an antho project
* had an interview
* got excited
* got depressed
* went to work; on the way played words with friends, hanging with friends, chess with friends
* read up a little on Scala, Haskell, Clojure
* had coffee
* discussed interviewing
* looked at Haskell gamedev libraries
* installed haskell and clojure
* remembered I wanted to make music with some programming language I've forgotten the name of
* reviewed some short fiction
* thought about Amy
* worked on a bug with my installation of exim
* played with CMake, git, and our build system
* discussed short and long fiction
* "soccer juggled"
* snacked on a broad spectrum of healthy/unhealthy things
* angsted over some games I'm in the middle of writing and/or planning
* re-researched the state of interactive fiction; TADS is looking long in the tooth, Inform7 is looking pretty sweet!
* answered a crap-ton of email, including responding to a query re: interactive fiction
* thought about iPhone dev
* played left 4 dead 2
* went to the store to get some more pasta sauce
* caught up some with an old friend
* read a few tutorials on getting started with Amazon EC2...and RDP...
* made dinner / ate
* read up on twitter's and flickr's approaches to super-fast, unique, high-access id generation
* browsed through all of twitter's github repos; noticed a ton of Scala....
* installed roundcube
* fixed an obscure error with classes.thegradekeeper.com
* worked on gudmagazine.com
* said goodnight to Amy
* installed a better ISO ripper; and then Virtual CloneDrive to test it (for some FPGA-type-stuffs)
* thought about brains
* thought about PICs
* thought about a handful of other programming projects I want to be working on
* thought about PhDs
* worried about a chapbook that seems to have lost all possibility of momentum
* made a list; which surely missed something, including "the point".

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