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aside: still working on server woes (am at work, waiting to hear on a few things). definitely have db backed up as of may 18, trying to get more recent. also: back from my vacation! It was brilliant. I still need a *break* though. Especially with the server *(#&$(#*$^#(.


When the piano dropped, the crowd inhaled as one, all thoughts of laughter scared away by concern. They looked at one another for permission or understanding. Did that just happen?

A muffled voice crawled out from under the wreckage, hazy and wavering: "Ouch...."

Stage lights spiraled around catching dust motes and ivory keys alike.

The crowd cheered as the announcer boomed, "Welcome, one and all, to the fortress of folly, the jack of no trades and slave of all, miiiiiiiiiiister—"

The speakers went out with a high-pitch squeal. The crowd groaned, then chuckled as the squeal ended and explosions went off behind the scenes.

Another piano dropped on the first, and then a third. The crowd stood, clapping and shouting.

A body dropped onto of the wreckage, its support harness obviously cut. The crowd cheered louder than ever until the theater manager came out, sobbing and telling them to disperse.
Tags: 5minutefiction, flash fiction

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