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The Edge of Propinquity

The first part of my serial Credencium is up at The Edge of Propinquity: New Horizons like a Crack on the Head.

Music was thumping somewhere far away, and voices. Loud. Joshua opened his eyes, and looked around the small room, trying to remember how he'd gotten there. He was on a couch, some folding futon number, with a girl next to him, and his heart was racing. Was she talking to him? No, through him, to herself, tracing lines in the air.

He could feel the energy of—of what, of life? Of the universe and everything. He giggled, then tried to stifle the giggle. His stomach felt empty and full. Butterflies, a thousand butterflies flapping about, scrabbling tooth and claw to get out. His stomach hurt, but he couldn't help but picture the butterflies, purple and blue with bright yellow claws raking through him from the inside. He giggled again. Why didn't they drown in his blood or in his bile? But everything was liquid, even the air he breathed was liquid and he didn't drown. Joshua shivered.

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Full release stolen from jennifer_brozek ~

Issue 61: January 2011

Welcome to the Edge of Propinquity. Issue 61 is now published. It is a brand new year with three new authors and four new universe stories to enjoy. Take an international journey from Berkeley, California where perceptions are opened to Paradise City, Australia where crimes are hidden to Chicago, Illinois where boundaries are tested to Southern Saskatchewan, Canada where a heritage is discovered. Journey through worlds were nothing is what it seems and danger lurks in the most innocent of places.

Credencium - New Horizons like a Crack on the Head - by Kaolin Fire AKA kaolinfire
Flotsam - Paradise City - by Peter M. Ball AKA petermball
Idolwood - Foundations - by Ivan Ewert AKA ivan23
The Ones Who Call - Grounded - By Alina Pete
Guest Story - Woman, Monster, Mother - By Steven Saus

Have you ever looked over the edge and seen something looking back at you?

Note to self: I need a new "writing" userpic. "NanoWrimo 2003 winner" isn't even sarcastic anymore.
Tags: fiction, teop, writing

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