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Connecting things

Also, I have a goodreads author account, now, thanks to Rigor Amortis (and other sorts of procrastination) and such. Which this LJ now syndicates to (hello goodreads people). I really don't touch myspace these days excepting for the odd bit of promotion via TweetDeck, but here's a few of the places I hang out or, well, yeah:

LiveJournal ~ kaolinfire
Twitter ~ kaolinfire
Twitter twitfic ~ q8p
Facebook ~ kaolinfire
Myspace ~ kaolinfire
Goodreads ~ kaolin

(notice a pattern here? ;) Ah, the days when I used to go by firefox, cognosco, ehrooditio, nentwined, blood doll, niloak, quasirandom, .... hmm. I'm forgetting some of my earlier BBS handles. That's a little sad. I'm sure I've made a post about them at some point, so maybe I can find them :) ) AHA! Found them: names I've been.

And not a hangout, per se, but my personal site, where the "names I've been" hangs ~ erif.org
Tags: facebook, livejournal, myspace, social networking, twitter

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