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I've been on twitter for a good long while, now, and I do like it. Every once in a while a thought pops into my head that's longer than 140 characters. Sometimes those thoughts aren't just a string of curses. ;)

Sometimes the thought's more facebook-sized, and it'll get dropped there, but most often it just gets lost. More rarely still, it makes its way all the way over to livejournal, my poor neglected, ... journal. Right, thoughts haven't been thinking so good of late (it seems).

New ljpic:

I really, really adore my tophat. I've wanted one for ages—had a fuzzy one that I still enjoy, but it doesn't hold form, it really is just made of...fuzz. So a friend's costume wedding was just the excuse I needed. I didn't get my costume as together as I'd hoped, but ~

So the ljpic is because I had to do a new image for TEoP (black and white, but, well, I haven't been happy with how I look the last few years. I need to lose some weight, and every year it seems that I need to lose more than the previous year). I've been working out a little (jogging), but not enough; last year I was really getting into the Wii, but then I broke my shoulder (ever so slightly) snowboarding and pretty much dropped everything. And I always seem to eat to compensate, anyway, or more than compensate.

See, I need to post to livejournal more, because then one little idea I want to share won't blossom into my life's story. ;)

The thought:

Writers steal ideas; it's what we do, what we're trained to do (or what we train ourselves to do). It's all we can do—ideas don't exist in a vacuum. They come from our context. Sometimes that context is nature, or a feeling, or some lecture we're attending. Sometimes, though, it's watching someone else's creation. Lectures are so much easier to steal from.

Not a deep thought. Just a slice, a moment. One that's been had a million times, I'm sure. And I know the answers and questions, the discussions that can be had with it, the suggestions and all that. That's okay, that's not where I am. :)

But it would have lost something going onto twitter.

Had to write two new versions of my bio recently. One 200-300 words, one 70-80. Both for fiction. And had to do two new photos to go with those bios. The first, web, is b+w version of my new tophat ljpic (slightly different photoshoppery that went better with b+w). The second will be appearing in Murky Depths #15. You'll finally get to read my ending to the "Now! and Then!" contest.

I have a feeling I had more to say, but I should go. Amy's home. ;)
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