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New Universe Authors for the Edge of Propinquity in 2011

I can stop biting my tongue on this! =) =)

New Universe Authors for the Edge of Propinquity in 2011

For the sixth year of publication for the Edge of Propinquity, there are going to be a couple of major changes around here. First, we will be saying good-bye to Universe authors Rick Silva, Nick Bergeron and Seanan McGuire. All three of them have some major stuff coming up in 2011 and I wish them the best in everything they do.

Remaining with the Edge of Propinquity is Ivan Ewert who has been with the magazine since its inception. He will debut a new Universe called Idolwood. Idolwood, set in a suburb of Chicago, Illinois, is a tale of magic and horror, centered around its damaged residents and their passions. When obsession and fetishism drive the chariots of power, those who seek the driver's seat must work within the darkest corners of their dreams and their most dangerous desires.

Joining the Edge of Propinquity for 2011 is a stellar crew of authors: award winning author Peter M. Ball from Brisbane, Australia; Alina Pete from Edmonton, Canada; and Kaolin Fire from Berkeley, California. All three of these authors have wonderful stories to tell. I am also retaining Jay Faulkner of Armagh, Northern Ireland for his Universe story for 2012. Amber Clark of Stopped Motion Photography will continue as the official Edge of Propinquity photographer.

Flotsam by Peter M. Ball is set on the Gold Coast of Australia and will tell the story of Keith Murphy who left the Gold Coast ten years ago, but now he’s coming home with orders to lie low. He’s got an occult hit man for a boss, the last magic bullet from the 9mm that killed an immortal down in Adelaide, and just enough knowledge of the world behind the world to realise how much trouble he’s in.

The Ones Who Call by Alina Pete is set in the Qu’Apelle valley in south eastern Saskatchewan. It was once called kab-tep-was, The River That Calls, after the fairy spirits who would call to the Native travelers along its banks. The Sīpisis family, once of several spirit families on the Cowesess reserve, own a gas station. The tanks are half rusted and can’t compete with the big corporate gas station further down the valley, but they make enough to get by. However, Jenny, their oldest daughter, is now old enough to dream of leaving the reserve and making her way in the big city. Her parents, who have kept her heritage a secret, now will have to tell her the stories that explain why she can never leave her home.

Credencium by Kaolin Fire is set in Berkeley and San Francisco, CA. This is where those who can't or don't want to fit into the common conception of society make their own way in the world. Joshua didn't so much run away from home as walk away and never look back. He had his GED, he had some skill as an artist, and he wanted to learn about the world from the ground up. He left the harsh climate of Long Island for the welcoming arms of the Bay Area, not looking for anything in particular but everything altogether. He quickly falls into the street-punk scene, and while he's not impressed by many aspects of it, he's turned on by the open minds and endless possibilities.

Visit the Edge of Propinquity at http://www.edgeofpropinquity.net/ - Monthly stories, free archives, and no ads.

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