quasi random (kaolinfire) wrote,
quasi random

random fun with the internet

Random fun with the internet--new site analyzes your writing (for shits and giggles?) and figures out which famous author you write like.

  • When the Earth and Sea Swapped Places ~ Douglas Adams (I've got stuff I'd compare to his style, but this isn't one of those)

  • Pockmarked Cement ~ Margaret Mitchell

  • The Lion and the Mouse ~ L Frank Baum (well, I did write in vaguely children-ish in tone, so yay :) )

  • Fading ~ Stephenie Meyer (okay, before I break down crying, the story IS about a sort of vampire. That's never explicitly stated, but perhaps there's tells there? Please tell me that's what it is.

  • Testing ~ Raymond Chandler (whoah. umm. I think I can safely say this isn't him. but, er, what do you think? :heh: )

  • By the Dragon's Tail ~ Tolkien (I think it pegged the fantasy. dragons? hrm. I'll take it ;)

  • Hypo ~ Chuck Palahniuk (Hell yeah.)

Tags: fiction, quiz, writing

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