quasi random (kaolinfire) wrote,
quasi random

I've been writing

a lot of fiction, some good, some bad, a lot just bad or unfinished. Have also been doing #10bythen submission challenge. And...stuff. Not much to say. Hmm. Have #zombierotica coming out in Rigor Amortis Oct 1. And am in M-BRANE SF 21 (also out in October). Working with an artist to turn the #zombierotica into a graphic short for smut peddler (have to get a proposal together). And maybe with another artist to turn a #cthulhurotica piece into a graphic short to submit to Murky Depths (who get mad props for their recent British Fantasy Awards win for Best Magazine/Periodical--whoah!) (and I'm still holding my breath on having my contest entry show up in Issue 15 (Issue 13 is currently out). ) And GUD Issue 6 is stumbling out the door.

And I'm a #twitter #fiend.

Here is my #fridayflash (which was also a #5minutefiction on Tuesday)


The light threaded its way through dust-frocked curtains, photons now-here now-there; observed only by a small man, occasionally looking up from dry-sobbing into the heels of his hands. He moved rarely, afraid to put to any intent. He refused to believe that not moving was a choice as well...if choice paralyzed him then he had none at all. But he wished...how he wished...to go outside.
Tags: 5minutefiction, flash, fridayflash, writing

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