quasi random (kaolinfire) wrote,
quasi random

wow, I've really failed to mention a lot

Let's skip over the "yay I started a new job, am living up in Berkeley again, doing a moderately hellish commute down to Los Angeles on the weekends" bit. That's something for later? And the odd bit of writing, publication, etc, etc.

I've got a sale for you--and it's not just GUD, this time! It's GUD, Crossed Genres, ResAliens, M-Brane SF, ShimmerZine, and Bull Spec (well, sort of on Bull Spec). And the sale is not as good as it was yesterday, or the day before, so I apologize for not mentioning it earlier....

Has to be seen.

Please see it: http://www.gudmagazine.com/subs/subscribe-1c1s.php

And spread the word? Had an awesome first day of the sale thanks to io9 picking it up! But two days in and things have started dropping off. Just added M-Brane SF and ShimmerZine, so I'm hoping that'll give a nice little bump. Publicity not my forte by a long stretch, and all that. :)

Issue 6 is in the last throes of edits. Last, last, last. And then we'll be trying double-or-triple hard to get our publication schedule back to what it was supposed to be.

ALSO: I posted the deal on deals.woot but it hasn't gotten any traction there--so if you could spare a vote up, it would really be appreciated. :)
Tags: gud, life, sale

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