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My minor accomplishment for the month

My minor accomplishment for the month.... I fixed an ice cream maker thingy. Really it was just a stuck motor, but omfg let me tell you it took some doing, because first I had to get into the case.

The case: what were they thinking, this was a high tech piece of electronics that they had to protect from extreme modding? It was just a simple motor, a step-down gear train, and a high-amp switch as it operates on wall voltage.

Seriously simple. And yet while three of the four case screws were standard slotted, the fourth was some crazy security measure (I'm sure it's a standard I'm just not familiar with, but...really? WHY!?)

It was a slotted head with an outdent in the center to keep a standard screwdriver from working.

Luckily (or, well, stupidly depending on your view as follows) I had a dremel with cutting attachment. And so I was, after a few failures with some too-weak metal tubing, able to (convince myself to) disfigure a screwdriver to match:

I tried to include a pic of the screw there too, but not sure how well you can make out its configuration. The screwdriver should give a good indication.

When I finally got into the case it was trivial to unscrew the motor from its housing, brute force the motor to spin a bit, and wd-40 it.

This was done long after the ice cream was ready, my wife and her sister having stirred it manually (despite its best attempts to prevent that as well). Should have just gotten a tim bucket and kicked it around, yeah? ;)

The icecream was really good. Mint-chocolate chocolate chip icecream made with fresh organic "chocolate mint" (actually a variety of mint) and a nice bar of dark chocolate. Delicious =) (though kind of "planty")

Tags: engineering

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