quasi random (kaolinfire) wrote,
quasi random

issues with CoRE?

maybe it's just how late it is, but I'm beginning to realize I don't have
a method for sorting results in any manner whatsoever. I'm going to
sleep on the following idea:

using reflect to sort based on the results of a particular method within
Core, after receiving the list to be sorted through getLinks or getAll.

or maybe I could just code all the possible sorts (or just code in the
sorts as they're needed) into a CoreSorter class. that would be... less

then results don't have to be sorted in getLinks/getAll (which would be
amazingly freakish trying to pass around all the information that could
go in all those places in all those overloaded methods).

does that sound reasonable?

it's an issue for poemranker. :)

on the other hand, I got a lot done with poemranker tonight. :) :)
Other than sorting stuff properly, my only remaining issues are:
implementing "bottom ten", "top ten", "recent", "site stats", "email this
poem", "delete this poem", "edit this poem", and... porting all the old
info. I'm kinda leaning towards porting the info first so I have stuff
to play with. but that's really daunting. I'll probably play with
"recent", "email this poem", "edit this poem", and move on from there. I
should make a note of these things to myself. I suppose I'll cc. :whee:

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