quasi random (kaolinfire) wrote,
quasi random

the variability of time

since I'm always complaining I never get anything done...

I woke up at 8:30 or so but didn't notice life until 11:40. At 11:40, I started my day, for all intents and purposes. I don't know where the time went (well, I know I made the earlier post today, and that took a bit... but not more than 20-30 minutes. And maybe 20 minutes to make a sandwich for amy when we woke up, while she was showering. no CLUE as to the rest of the time. :poof:)

Since then (it's been an hour now)... I called my sister about her plans to come down, left a long message because she didn't seem to have gotten my email. Called my dentist about my missed appointment (and the one I'm planning to miss this saturday) and left a long message (including change of address so I'll actually get reminders...)... called PGNE and verified they did know we existed and were planning on sending us a bill in the near future.

I wrote a poem, found out that poemranker was partially broken due to some code cleaning I'd done... fixed it (four characters were missing) ... made poemranker show your total number of votes received, their average, how many poems you had, the last time you'd logged in... made it so you could go from the "viewing poem stats" page to the "vote/commet on this poem" page.

and stuff.

and more stuff to come. I'll go do it before I forget. But it's shaping up well. Oh yeah, I was going to look for my "What sort of Poem am I?" code. and work on writeups for that. And I'm going to make it so you can send poems by email to folks. and... there was something else. oh yeah, make the admin mailing list work, make the chat mailing list work, make auto-emailing of comments work...


okay, just got immensely distracted. amback but lost my train of thought. I'll go get started on stuff now. :) again. it's amazing how much work you don't get done when you're reminding yourself how much you've gotten done in a short period of time (there just went fifteen minutes, give or take, including a trip to the "outside" to exchange stuff with a friend)

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