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what is your "work"?

I kept meaning to sit down and give the question "What is your real work?" a lot of thought -- not that I thought it needed it per se, but that I had a good idea in my head and thought that that would need a fair amount of help making it to a reasonable read. Unlike this paragraph so far. ;)

Okay, a few moments to concentrate.

I write, paint, poet, and develop software; I also have goals outside those domains.

And I have to say that my job tends to be part of my work -- it is software development for the pharmaceutical industry. Which is more than tangentially related to my goals outside of writing/painting/poeting/developing software -- one day I aim on going to grad school for a program in applied neuroscience (or something to that effect -- hopefully fuzzier than pure microcellular biology and less fuzzy than cognitive science). My undergrad degree is in "Electrical Engineering and Computer Science". I went through the "bioelectrical engineering" path, but the degree gives no nod to that, and my learning doesn't really either. I've taken some biology and some neuro, some biological modeling, but definitely not enough. I have a subscription to a magazine I have trouble reading, but I don't tend to give myself enough time to read it and understand it, learn it. I think next I'm going to try something more direct -- buying a study guide for the biology GRE and seeing what I don't know or have to relearn.

Why neuroscience? Well, as a child of the information/cyborg age, the end goal is to work on delaying cogntive dissolution due to extraneural death. But what excites me more are all the steps along the way, learning to interact electrically with all the various senses and then going further to play around and see "what happens".

My art... Well, suffice it to say I simply don't have time for any of my "work" in the general sense -- I take time here and there for specific projects when I feel the need to work on something (where something can be a specific/particular, or something can be just anything; usually it's a combination of the two, more heavily weighted towards the former). My art is not so good -- it has noticeably improved in the time I've spent on it, but I need to spend more time on it (and get more wallspace). I do oil painting (and photoshop).

My poetry... My poetry is noticeably better than it was when I was five; that's not saying much. I think the largest jump in improvement of that recently came when I entered in a personal challenge of writing a poem a day for one hundred days. Most of the poems were horrible but almost all I learned from, and a good half-dozen I thought were good enough to keep (and actually some of my best poems).

My writing... Supposedly my writing has been getting better. I've won the last couple of challenges at http://imaginaries.org, though I think that's more to the usual winners not having enough time, not having a good enough idea, or simply not entering (or all of the above). Then again, I didn't have much time myself, taking the night before the challenge date off to scribble down anything I could. Case in point -- I might have to do that tonight. I have a story idea I was trying to brew for it, but it hasn't made it very far into the outlining yet. An interesting note -- I used to revile outlining; I would make some minimalistic notes and then write the story. Over time, with a better understanding of how a story works, those notes have grown into a full outline (minus the roman numerals).

Programming -- that's something I do all day and all night nearly every day. I rarely have something to show for it, but sometimes... sometimes it's all worth it. And I love the constant stimulation of a solveable problem. Lately, almost all of my programming has been web design... I run http://imaginaries.org, http://nfg.ca, and http://poemranker.com. As soon as poemranker and NFG are a little more squared away I've got at least one more site to write (fractalranker.com) and then... who knows? It will probably be time to rewrite all the above sites by then. I also wrote a little fractal explorer for a couple of platforms, and sorely need to do some bugfixing/repackaging of it and make it fit for public consumption.

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