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Apex Magazine seeks Poetry Editor

Apex Magazine seeks Poetry Editor: by Jason Sizemore http://bit.ly/3Mbho5

We recently published a poem titled “After, Thoughts–A Pantoum” by John C. Hay that drew some praise that landed in my inbox from fans.

Granted, these emails were from fans of poetry who were happy to see another genre publication printing poetry (but it is a great poem!). Their encouragement has inspired me to start publishing a poem or two per issue of Apex Magazine.

But there’s a catch!

I am no poetry editor. Neither is Deb Taber, Gill Ainsworth, Jennifer Brozek, Maggie Jamison, or Sarah Brandel. Mari Adkins knows poetry, but she’s only interested in the kind that is written while dressed in goth clothing during Samhain.

This means I’m looking for a poetry editor to join our team.

Naturally, this work would be on a voluntary basis. At least, until somebody figures out how to get wealthy publishing an online ‘zine and making it such that we can pay our dedicated minions.

I’ll be accepting applications over the next couple of weeks. What do we want in an applicant? Obviously, somebody who is well-read, particularly in the field of genre poetry. You’ll need to provide proof that you have some degree of experience in the field of poetry. This can come in many forms…past editing, published works, school degrees, etc.

Please send your query letter and submission to jason@apexbookcompany.com.

I’ll be looking forward to seeing who pops up out of the wilds of the internet.
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