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Do you read it? Write it? Even know what it is? ;) twitfic aka twiction aka twisters aka #vss (very short stories) aka, erm... well... I lose track. ;)

Hmm. So twitter-sized fiction is one of the things that hooked me about twitter, back when I was doing my best not to use it. There are a handful of paying markets--of course they don't pay _handsomely_, but consider you're putting together a story that might be 20 words long.

Well, if you're twitfic-curious at all, I started a forum. And we won't talk about the hells I went through snapping that domain up. ;)

I've been keeping track of my twitter-pubs in a separate sidebar on my website. My latest went up on Tweet the Meat today. $1 richer, hey ;)

Right. So. If you're curious. Market info, discussions, and workshopping. :)
Tags: flash fiction, twitfic, twitter

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