quasi random (kaolinfire) wrote,
quasi random

and now for the weekend update...

right. umm. poemranker exists. I still haven't found time for a life, but, well, yeah... I've got a slew of comments I'm meaning to reply to.

Right now I'm kinda having trouble holding my head up after headbanging at a Zombie concert last night. Ow ow ow ow ow. I am so fucking out of shape. Did manage to get the courage to go into the mosh pit a couple of times, and it was fairly friendly (my second time into the pit at a show... second show I've been to with a pit...) I've got a scraped knee and a sore everything at the moment, mostly from one good tumble through the air, tucking into a ball, and bowling down a chunk of the crowd from below. I think I do best in a mosh pit when used as ammo. It's the whole "vector forces add linearly" thing. Me + big guy = me tossed much more than I could hurl myself. :whee:

and then I woke up for a training session at work that lasted from 10am until 4pm. which was really nice, but I'm wiped. La la la. I love multivariable calculus. Need to restudy it. Among with everything else. La la la. :)

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