quasi random (kaolinfire) wrote,
quasi random

another thought from the shower

I'd forgotten I had this thought. I really need some sort of waterproof whiteboard.

Was down in a fun rabbit-hole with controlling computers by thought and what would be reasonably doable these days when I started "thinking" keystrokes, seeing how that worked out, letter by letter. Ideally, of course, whole words would be transcribable. But keystrokes... my fingers know the keyboard better than I do. They know what character I want to hit without me thinking "a b c d e". Then I got to "{" and ... curly bracket ... open curly bracket ... open block ... I can type that twenty times in the time it takes to "think" it.

There's certainly an idea I'm having when I know that's the character I want, and that idea is obviously faster than the muscle-time it takes to hit it (something has to instigate those muscles' movement, yes?) .. but I don't seem to be able to make myself aware of what that "idea" is, or at least I can't seem to make it "loud" enough to hear it with my mental ear.

Makes me really, really want a nice "squid" to play around with. See what I can make it learn.
Tags: computers, mind control, neuroscience

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