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some publications and some poetry

My day? It's been. :)

southernweirdo pointed out that my poem "The Undefeatable Enemy from Mars" went up on Every Day Weirdness (er, a few days ago now).

I also had a spate of poems accepted over at, "The Legendary" ~ April 24, 2009. New Moon. Issue 4—through the eye / vile public secrets / ballerina in the cell / time and clocks (are the poem titles, not a very disjoint poem ;) )

and now for some haiku:

sleep disdains entrance
blossoming consciousness is
sifting sand for gems

spice opens the mind
heightens the mental palette
worms? no--Mexican

inbox to outbox
thoughts flow with alacrity
the slush monster burps

tomorrow will come
and new possibilities
dead rise with the sun

the cause is worthy
rally to me--channel anger
it helps me forget

new digital affliction
so many accounts!

projects come and go
coffee rings on porcelain
time's marks before me

I fail at today
create lists to accomplish
dreams of tomorrow

Oh! Oh, and--wrote a really crappy haiku, posted it to twitter with a comment about not quite liking it, got a reply of a much better version--that was nifty. :) Is it possible to link to specific tweets? I think maybe not. AHA! I have added the response to my twitter favorites. Much better than my version (which I actually deleted within seconds of posting). Meh: that last link is fail, for me--so if it pulls up not one thing but many, click on "favorites" off in the sidebar

ALSO (for a different touch of emphasis), I've been toying around with twitter-sized fiction. 140 characters or less is TOUGH, but there's a growing number of markets for it ~ for a partial list.
Tags: haiku, poetry, published, twitter, writing

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