quasi random (kaolinfire) wrote,
quasi random

a spate of haiku

This is actually from the last week or so. I intended to post them in sets, each day, but that didn't happen.

every occasion
deserves poem'd reflection
send just five dollars

half-shuttered window
lets in sunlight and mountains
looses mind to roam

too old for space now
she dreams of presidency
yearning for something

life is chemical
I eat, process, and excrete
make way for flowers

staring at the screen
thousands of people living
staring at their screens

software is process
innovate and iterate
new app launched tonight

poets stop to smell
every whiff of every rose
eau de existence

time is a fluid
stress eases with glacial pace
then snaps like lightning

fear and hate battle
and the only thing to win:

mistakes breed mistakes
some for now, some for later
life's safer abstract

blind optimism:
not the pills they feed us but
choosing to take them

mourn those left behind
for they alone can suffer
by the things they've lost

humans reject death
even when we embrace it
searching for meaning
Tags: haiku, poetry

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