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Get a piece of GUD Issue 4 free -- http://tr.im/jYM4 -- or get the whole thing -- http://tr.im/jYM8 (please RT)

Er, wait, this isn't twitter? I saw a flash of "Date: out of order" just before the webpage sorted itself out, and I thought that was particularly fitting for where I am just now. Where? Dunno. I should go to sleep soon for there are things I must do in The Early Morning.

But somewhat seriously, I'd love it if I could get a thousand more people signed up on GUD reading their freebies (and even better, posting about the freebie they read as part of some promotional contest thinger...). So if you could, umm, re... tweet... journal... that bit up at the top, it would be much appreciated. ;)

Any thoughts on where/how I could best promote GUD Issue 4? I'd also like to help out a few folks/places like Jin Wicked and Small Beer Press, and a friend doing character sketches, so I'm half thinking a contest of some sort with prizes from them or something.

Oh, and if you do reviews and consider PDFs--hit me up, ummkay? :)

Also also looking into starting some sort of cross-promotion ring re: small press mags.

No, still not handling life well yet--I'm just going to wrap this up instead of running in loops trying to see what I should edit out or in. Blargh. Sorry. :(

More haikus later. Oh. Here's an emo one. ;)

curl into myself
I make an echo chamber
of my lake of tears
Tags: gud, gud magazine, promotion, twitter

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