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I need a better writing icon. This one is just too depressing, almost self-defeating.

I've written five pieces this week (I believe I linked the first, earlier?). The is all part of a ROTOR instance (spawned by some half-comment of Warren Ellis', leapt upon by more than half a dozen folks).

one site, five writers, five weekdays (five RSS feeds). every day each writer posts something new – either a piece of a serial, or a short fiction, or an article. Under 500 words, ideally (probably 100-200 words is the ideal), but whatever.
—Warren Ellis, Rotor

* Echo: In Memoriam ~ I think this is my creepiest to date; I've been looking forward to its going live since even before I finished writing it; and while it's perhaps clumsy in its execution, ... well, I just love where it ends up. And I kind of wonder if it will be just me thinking it's creepy...

* Echo: White Gold, Black Gold, Red Gold ~ perhaps over-worn tropes, but I had fun, and hope you'll have fun if you read it :)

* Echo: Victim of Medical-food Cookiejar (Hmm. just now I notice the missing "a" between "of" and "Medical"). And this one you'll wonder what the title has to do with anything. This stems from how I built up the idea of these echoes; each goes back a week in the orrot blog to another piece, and as such is an echo; distorted echoes bouncing around my brain-pan. (hmm. brain-bread?) I have an idea to take this one step further, but will see if I can goad anyone to it... Anyway, I'm getting more comfortable moving further from the titles, now, but this was just midway through the week ;)

* Echo: Powerball and Chain ~ I love the creepy picture I found for this one (though it's kind of a sad/happy picture if you click through and see where it came from; but without context, and wrapped up in my story, I love it). This story especially benefits from the article it stemmed from. But I hope it works on its own as well, with just a bit more suspension of belief/willingness to subsume oneself in surreal oddities...

* Echo: Gundam Triathlon ~ ... yeah. :)

Meanwhile, if you've got the time to spare, DO check out the other writings there. All good stuff; I've been impressed, really. Maybe subscribe to the rss feed (or orrot. ;) )
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