quasi random (kaolinfire) wrote,
quasi random

it was cold out tonight

23*60 = 1380 steps from the base of work to the top of BART. That's when it's very cold out and windy and I'm not quite dressed for it; exhibit A: my purple hands, exhibit B: my runny nose, exhibit C: my extraordinarily aching ears. Ow ow ow ow ow!

Geekfession (do I smell pride?): I counted groups of 60 binarily on my left hand. 60 because I wanted a rough estimate on minutes == 1 step per second. I did the trek in 12 minutes, which tells me I was really stepping twice per second (keep in mind some fudge factor in that the trek is both up and down hill and that at one point I had to pause roughly 15 seconds for a lull in traffic so as to cross the street).

Anyway, just thought I'd say. :)

la la la. Of course, I missed the bart train by two +/- fusge minutes. So for future reference, unless I'm going at a rate greater than a brisk walk, it'll take me AT LEAST 12 minutes. I always thought it was closer to 10, but that explains how a lazy walk tends to come out to 15-20. Good to know.

Addendum: 245 steps to the corner where amy picks me up from BART.

came home to a court order regarding my motorcycle, all official and stuff: "District Attorney's Subpoena" to appear at 9am "until completion" on April 15 to bear witness on behalf of "People on the state of california". That's a Monday. Gotta love Mondays.

In other news... Donovan gave me an idea for a story. Having a little trouble with its resolution, but it's cool because the trouble I'm having isn't "coming up with an ending", or even really "how to get from the middle to the ending", but more just "taking the time to figure out how everyone involved would react to the immediate situation". I think that in itself says my writing's come a fair ways (or it could just be this story, or just me thinking I'm doing better than I am, or all sorts of other things... sketched out an outline, written, two pages legal in very loose, sloppy writing).

In more oddness than that... I got a class action something or other thing filed on my behalf (all I have to do is sign) regarding some Kmart shares I owned for under a day. and I've been having story vignette ideas and writing them down, lately.

and I had a dream a couple of nights ago that I'm going to retroactively transcribe, even though there's not much to it. so I can tear it out of the notebook and move on. :)

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