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I wrote 11 poems last night.

I wrote 11 poems last night. Well, maybe 10, because one of them I wrote earlier yesterday, I think. I'm now caught up with the lobo_luna prompts. As one friend put, "I've come up for air" -- and I've hyperventilated poetry. Those of you on my pomes group--I don't think this will happen again. Please don't hurt me? I hope I haven't hurt you--too badly? It felt really good to be writing, even when I struggled, even when I felt like I was just spewing bile (bile worked its way into one poem, yes, yes).

Here's to hoping this wasn't a bad idea. I've got work to do and a business meeting later this evening. Plus I have to figure out how to get down to said business meeting. Another trick will be letting these sit a bit, coming back to them, and seeing if I think any have a prayer of publication. Suggestions as to where to submit always welcome :)

Right now, though--I'm starving. And I think I'll have another coffee. :)

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