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It's all misinformation. I'm pretty damned liberal (and a /titch/ socialist ... and a /titch/ libertarian--depends on what you're talking about, and my mood).

this report on obama tax reduction plan says:

"A middle-class family donates $1 to charity, they get 15 cents off their income tax. Bill Gates donates $1 to charity, he takes 35 cents off his income tax. The proposal that the White House has would simply reduce those levels to the same levels that we saw during the Reagan administration," White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs said today during his briefing to reporters.

A commenter on the page mentions:

simply reduce those levels to the same levels that we saw during the Reagan administration,

What a crock! The reason the deduction was only 28% during the Reagan administration was because the top tax rate was 28%


Verily and forsooth: truth and politics agrees. Very cool chart, that.

Not the way to look good to your public, folks. Can't you do better than that???



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Mar. 6th, 2009 05:47 pm (UTC)
Classic distortion dude
The reason Bill Gates gets the larger % deduction is because he's paying that much on his income too. Its the marginal tax rate, duh. Don't bring up the higher deduction rate if you don't acknowledge the higher tax rate he's payinig on his income.

What do you know about kaolin anyway? Come to Ga and we'll teach you about kaolin.
Mar. 6th, 2009 05:59 pm (UTC)
Re: Classic distortion dude
Exactly :) Stupid, annoying, misleading, and obnoxious.

I know a bit about GA clay (white gold), dirt eating, and a fair number of other things (one person called me up to tell me about a nostradamus prediction they'd interpreted to mean GA clay). Kaolin is my birth name, and you learn things if you're around long enough. :)
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