quasi random (kaolinfire) wrote,
quasi random

back... hustle bustle...

arrived home ~ 4:00pm Monday. two days gone was definitely not enough. The trip down (to Sequoia Nat'l Park) was an uneventful five hours. We made it to the park boundary around 1 or 2pm, and wound around rather scenic umm, scenery. Made it to where we were staying, checked in, made dinner reservations, and crashed. The uneventful drive apparently being very draining.

Well, didn't quite crash -- explored the room, stretched a bit, went for a walk, had some drinks... went to dinner, had good food, went back to our room, and then crashed.

And woke up to room service the next day -- the bed was nice and stiff (too much so for Amy, who decided that we'd sleep in the foldout couch the next night to see how that was; ugh? oh well, I can sleep on anything :)

Anyway... went down, rented skis, drove to a nice spot the lady pointed out to us, and trekked around. Took a lot of pictures of amy skiing (and falling). and some of the scenery around that, too. Not in the mood to put pictures up yet. [7:54pm, monday] It was my first time on skis and after a little bit of getting the hang of them I really enjoyed them. We trekked around and around and umm. around. crashed a couple of times apiece, took a lunch stop on a log off the trail, exchanged photos with a group of folks that we passed going the other direction... decided to head back before it got dark (and the trail was just a bit discombobulated... didn't look like any sort of walk in the park, more like, erm... walking sideways (around lots of obstacles) up a hill for no apparent reason -- and then we'd have to come back down the same way, too... nah.

ran into a pair of folks on snowshoes that pointed out a pileated woodpecker pecking away on a tree in the distance. I could just make it out with my glasses, but strangely couldn't find it when I borrowed their binoculars. Ah well.

That was pretty much the day -- my arms were killing me and amy's legs and knees her, so we booked it back to the car (and got one or two good runs of actual skiing instead of crosscountrying on the way back)... drove back to the hotellish thing, snacked, washed, went out for dinner... then we spent a couple hours studying various things (she school, me wannabe-school). And went back to the hotel, crashed... woke up, returned stuffs, cleaned... tried sledding some but the snow was all melty (it had been sunny pretty much the entire time)... left...

So that was the vacation.

And now I'm back and I spent a bit reading mail, haven't really replied to anything, snacked a bit, and worked. work work work. :)

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